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Craziest Offers: Glo introduces Everyday Bonanza & Glo Jumbo SIM

Discussion in 'Free Airtime Giveaway/Apps & Cracked' started by schoolhelp, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

    The kind of bonus and offers Globacom dishing out in recent times sound too good to be true. Alongside October's Free Data Day, Glo also announced two (2) other bonanza packages called the Glo Everyday Bonanza and Glo Jumbo SIM .

    The new offers are bound to raise the bar in customer appreciation in the country, with thousands of its subscribers winning unbelievable prizes worth hundreds of millions in Naira in the Everyday Bonanza. The prizes include Flat Screen LED TV sets, 4G-LTE phones, generators, refrigerators, Microwave ovens and 4G-LTE MiFis which will be won every day from Monday to Saturday throughout the duration of the offer. The icing on the cake is a brand new car which will be won every Sunday while the offer lasts.

    The second offer, the new Glo Jumbo SIM, comes with an amazing N200,000 worth of free airtime. This is indeed a landmark offer as it marks the first time any operator will pre-load SIM cards with such a whopping amount of airtime value, which can be used for calls, SMS and data.

    The two offers were formally introduced at a media launch held at Mike Adenuga Towers (MAT), Victoria Island, Lagos, head office of the company on Monday. The event was attended by Glo brand ambassadors, representatives of the Nigerian Communications Commission, the Nigerian Lottery Regulation Commission (NLRC) and the media.

    Glo Everyday Bonanza
    According to Glo, 50 lucky Glo subscribers will win LED TV sets every Monday (a total of 750 TV sets), 150 subscribers will win 4G LTE enabled smartphones every Tuesday (a total of 2250 4G LTE phones), 100 subscribers will win
    generating sets every Wednesday (a total of 1400 generating sets), another 100 subscribers will go home with refrigerators every Thursday

    ( a total 1400), 200 winners of Microwave ovens will emerge every Friday ( a total of 2800 microwaves), while Saturdays will see 650 lucky subscribers go home with 4G LTE Mifis (a total of 9100). Sundays will witness the epic giveaway as Glo will be giving out one Hyundai Accent to a lucky subscriber every Sunday (a total of 14 cars).

    The offer is open to new and existing pre-paid and post-paid subscribers.

    To Participate
    All a subscriber needs to do to qualify for these life-impacting prizes is to recharge his or her phone with at least N100 worth of credit. Each N100 credit purchased entitles a subscriber to an entry. In essence, a subscriber who recharges his or her phone with N1000 credit automatically gets 10 entries. Post-paid customers are not left out. Every N100 usage on their line qualifies as an entry to the daily draw. Furthermore, purchase of eTop-up, SIMs and data products from any Glo World outlet will give the subscriber additional entries into the daily draws.

    Glo Jumbo SIM
    Jumbo SIM gives a subscriber value that is not only unprecedented but also unimaginable in Nigeria’s telecoms industry. Jumbo SIM for 100 Naira will automatically have an airtime value of N200,000 pre-loaded on it, and will be activated as soon as the subscriber recharges his or her phone.

    Glo Free Data Day
    In addition to the offers, the company also used the opportunity of the unveiling to announce the 3rd installment of its proprietary

    Glo Free Data Day , which comes up on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. This offer is open to all subscribers who use up to 100MB plus N150 on voice calls or N250 on voice calls in the seven days preceding the Free Data Day. He explained the third Free Data Day followed overwhelming response to the offer in the two past editions.
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  2. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Wow, they're indeed making us proud and this is what other networks which isn't ours has failed to be on our side. They're really trying, kudos to Glo.
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  3. ahnaija

    ahnaija Participant Established

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