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Consider These While Choosing A Project/research Topic

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Olopso, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Olopso

    Olopso Leecher Established

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    Writing a project or a research in any field is quite a task for a student or a researcher aiming at writing on a project/research topic that is not only convenient but a topic that can be certified good to be worked on at that period. A research/project topic has to be a reflection of the writers point and mindset and this brings us to how one can choose a research or project topic that is good enough to be worked on
    Here are few steps pointed out that will go a long way to give insight on things to be considered when choosing a good research topic
    Choose a research topic of keen interest:
    Interest serves a fuel for creative writing on a research/project and it makes the research/project more flexible to work with. A project/research topic that does not reflect the interest of the researcher will definitely not be so captivating to read as it will lack the zest it’s meant to have
    Understand your Project topic:
    To have an interest in a topic is one vital thing and to understand the topic you want to work with is another vital point that should not be neglected but greatly considered. It’s quite okay to have a list of project/research topics you have interest in writing on but to further narrow the choices, you have to look beyond the interest and consider how well you understand a topic and how well you can work with it.
    This defines a project/research topic that is well defined, easy to understand at a glance and well narrowed to be focused on a particular epicenter this is generally for topics that are generally broad. To simplify a project/research topic, a general overview of previous works done by other researchers is a good way to implement this tip
    see project topic categories
    Your reference materials should be easily accessible:
    So many students/researchers tend to neglect this important step when choosing a project topic, research materials are very important source of information to a researcher, it can be a material on previous researches on almost similar topic, a book written on what the research/project topic is all about, a person who can help improve and refine your work. The net is also a good place to get reference material for project/research topics you're working on
    Be a smart researcher:
    Here being smart with your research work implies being flexible with your research topic, it won't be a bad idea to add a useful twist to your research topic to narrow it further to a useful point thus making the research/ project broad and well defined yet specific.
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