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Cheap Universities in Canada for Postgraduate Studies

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Olopso, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Olopso

    Olopso Leecher Established

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    Are you interested in doing your masters abroad? Canada is one of the countries where you can study as an international student and still be able to pay affordable tuition fees. So here is a list of some of the cheapest universities in Canada for international students for masters.
    Because of financial constraints, the economic situation of the country, Nigerians are looking to complete their postgraduate studies outside Nigeria and often opt for Canada. This is because there are cheap masters degrees in Canada for Nigerian students. The tuition for Universities in Canada for masters are not as expensive as tuition fee for universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, and in the USA. Also, Canada is an English speaking country and the settling into the country is very easy. Another important factor besides cheap tuition fee and the language, international students can also get jobs to maintain themselves and even start living in Canada.
    So, if you are searching for a cheap masters degree in Canada, you can check for programmes in some of the universities listed below and choose one that is affordable for you.
    Cheap universities in Canada for international students
    These are some of the Canadian universities for masters programme you can opt for.
    Dominican University College
    Average tuition fee – 16,800 dollars. They have master’s programmes that are as cheap as 6,000 dollars.
    Brandon University
    Average tuition fee – 6,000 dollars.
    Universite de Saint-Boniface
    Average tuition fee – 6,420 dollars.
    Canadian Mennonite University
    Average tuition fee – 7,560 dollars.
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Average tuition fee – 8,800 dollars.
    Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
    Average tuition fee – 16, 000 dollars. They have master’s programmes as cheap as 5000 – 7000 dollars.
    Simon Fraser University
    Average tuition fee – 2,500 dollars.
    The Kings University College
    Average tuition fee – 10,000 dollars.
    Athabasca University
    Average tuition fee – 9,000 dollars.
    Canadian Mennonite University
    Average tuition fee – 5,600 dollars.
    Université de Moncton
    Average tuition fee – 10,000 dollars.
    Saint Paul University
    Average tuition fee – 12,000 dollars.
    Universite’ Saint- Anne
    Average tuition fee – 8,000 dollars.
    Mount Royal University
    Average tuition fee – 11,000 dollars.
    The University of Winnipeg
    Average tuition fee – 12,000 dollars.
    Concordia University of Edmonton
    Average tuition fee – 18,500 dollars.
    University of Ottawa
    Average tuition fee – 12,000 dollars.
    University of Alberta
    Average tuition fee – 11,500 dollars.
    University of Manitoba
    Average tuition fee – 11,000 dollars.
    University of Prince Edward Island
    Average tuition fee – 10,000 dollars.
    University of Saskatchewan
    Average tuition fee – 7,500 dollars.
    University of New Brunswick
    Average tuition fee – 7,000 dollars.
    Cost of living in Canada
    If you are going to study in Canada, besides knowing how much tuition fee you need to pay, you also need to know the cost of living in Canada per month.
    Housing options in Canada for students includes
    Student residence – 250 – 625 Canadian dollars (CAD) per month.
    Hostels/Apartment provided by the university – 400 to 800 Canadian dollars (CAD) per month.
    Share apartment with people – 300 to 700 Canadian dollars (CAD) per month.
    Other housing utilities
    Basic utilities such as electricity, heating, water, and garbage will cost a total of 150 Canadian dollars (CAD) per month.
    Internet cost 50-70 Canadian dollars (CAD) per month.
    Transport pass (Bus) is 90 Canadian dollars (CAD) per month. Buying a one-way bus ticket (local) cost 2 – 3 Canadian dollars (CAD).
    Taxis price range from 2 to 6 Canadian dollars (CAD) per kilometer.
    300 Canadian dollars (CAD) should do for monthly shopping from grocery stores and local supermarkets.
    If you decide to eat out, a meal at a restaurant costs 10-25 Canadian dollars (CAD) per person. A three-course meal at mid-range restaurants costs 50-65 Canadian dollars (CAD) per person.
    Finally, I will leave you with this as you make your choice. There are many scholarship opportunities that you can benefit from. As you are deciding on the university and course you can afford, you can also search for scholarships for international students that are available in Canada. You might be lucky to get one.
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