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Challenge: Create logo for Loyalteams

Discussion in 'Modded Apps' started by schoolhelp, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    I challenge everyone here to create best logo for Loyalteams... Using this app

    You must be registered to see links developed by PearlMountain Co., Inc. that anyone can use on a browser efficiently and free of charge.

    With more than 5,000 professionally designed templates, you can easily create unique and high-quality logos such as company logos, app logos, brand logos, website logos, blog logos, etc., even if you do not have any design skill.
    You must be registered to see links

    How to make a logo on DesignEvo?
    I immediately tried to make a logo using DesignEvo. Below, you can see the logo creation procedures.

    STEP 1 | Register for an account
    DesignEvo can be used without registering, but if you want to save the created logo for further editing, please register for an account first because you cannot save the created logo unless you register as a member.

    Only the e-mail address and password are necessary for member registration. You can also connect with Facebook or Google account.

    STEP 2 | Select a logo template
    Once enter the DesignEvo website You must be registered to see links, you click on "Make a Free Logo" button to go to the logo creation screen.
    You must be registered to see links

    Then select the logo design template you like. There are over 5,000 templates. You can search from categories, or you can search by entering keywords from the search box at the top left.

    If you select a template, you will be asked to enter your "company name" and "slogan", but you can skip and edit it later.

    STEP 3 | Add and edit text
    You can add text object from the left menu tab "Text" and input the content by double-clicking. To edit the text, click on the box, and then the editing menu will be displayed at the top of the screen.
    You must be registered to see links

    STEP 4 | Add and edit icons or shapes (graphics, lines, etc.)
    You can add icons or shapes (shapes, lines, etc.) from the left menu.

    All icons are searchable and editable. Click on the "Icon" tab and search by entering keywords. You can add one or more favorite icons to your design.

    Like the text, you can also edit icon such as changing the color, size, position, etc.

    STEP 5 | Change background color
    By clicking on the “Background” tab from the left menu, you can change the background color as you wish.

    If you check "Transparent background", you can save it as a transparent image file (but only for the paid version).

    STEP 6 | Save and download your logo
    When you complete a logo, do not forget to save and download

    If you click on "Save" button, you can re-edit your logo next time. For "download", the free plan is only for JPG and PNG files, and credit donation is mandatory.

    What’s the difference between the free version and paid version?
    Everyone can easily create a logo with DesignEvo. There are free version and paid version.

    For the free version, credit donation is necessary. The commercial use is possible, even in the free version, but copyright ownership is not allowed. In addition, there is a limit size of 500 pixels maximum.
    You must be registered to see links

    Although it can be used sufficiently with the free version, if you are assuming more flexible use or business use, you may consider purchasing a paid version.

    There are two types of the paid version, Basic (19.99 USD) and Plus (39.99 USD).

    Credit donation is unnecessary in the paid version, resolution can be up to 5,000 px, and download of transparent PNG is also possible. The biggest difference between Basic and Plus version is whether it has copyright ownership.

    Summary of DesignEvo
    It’s straightforward and effortless to create a fantastic logo with DesignEvo, in less than 3 minutes. And thankful it’s free. With it, you can float the cost of having your logo created by the designer.
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  3. dogud

    dogud Guru Established

    let me get down to work
  4. runor

    runor Anonymous Established

  5. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    Still waiting for someone that can do that
  6. Guesthack

    Guesthack Wavy Established

    Let try it out
  7. G-lord

    G-lord Journeyman Established

    Loading Logopit_1534171519844.jpg…
  8. G-lord

    G-lord Journeyman Established

    My native name
  9. Soloshow

    Soloshow Enthusiast Established

    hmmm... let me give it a...
  10. flibbert

    flibbert Teams

    Let me try
  11. flibbert

    flibbert Teams

    IMG_1535219784458.jpg IMG_1535218753762.png IMG_1535218731966.jpg
  12. Anderson

    Anderson Teams

    Great job so far, and always mindful of what the members wants and think which is my reason to say this is the best platform
  13. Brainiac

    Brainiac Teams

    It's time to begin designing