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Biggest Ad fraud Operator Making $5 Million Revenue Everyday From 'MethBot'

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by Jams, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Jams

    Jams LTN-Certified Staff Member Support Team Established

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    The biggest advertising fraud ever!

    A group of hackers is making between $3 Million to $5 Million per day from United States brands and media companies in the biggest digital ad fraud ever discovered.

    Online fraud-prevention firm White Ops You must be registered to see links this new Ad fraud campaign, dubbed "Methbot," that automatically generates more than 300 Million fraudulent video ad impressions every day.

    And the report said that the hackers has developed Methbot robo-browser that spoofs all necessary interactions needed to initiated, carry out and complete the ad transactions.

    A source said that the hackers are allegedly based in Russi, with over 6,000 domain and 250,267 dsitinct Urls
    and impersonation brand and name profile of high webiste and also selling fake ads

    Cyber criminals behind Methbot are using servers hosted in Texas and Amsterdam to power more than 570,000 bots with forged IP addresses, mostly belongs to the United States, which make it appear ads are being viewed by US visitors.

    The security firm found that the fraudsters’ bot army watched as many as 300 Million ads per day, with an average payout of $13.04 per 1000 faked views.

    But still, no evidence that those hackers are of Russian origin but white Ops believes that the hackers group is based in Russia.

    But for now, White Ops has notified the FBI about scam has been working the US federal law enforcement for weeks now.

    I think hac***g these days is now getting serious especially with a country like Russia involves.Cause as far I can remember that Russia Hackers are the cause of many big websites big site that has been hacked online.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 22, 2016
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  3. ramzy

    ramzy Journeyman Staff Member

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    Chaii those guys na real hacker thieves oh
  4. Dorlipi

    Dorlipi Wavy Staff Member

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    That's huge

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