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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Prime, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Prime

    Prime Knight Staff Member Established

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    Lyon and Besiktas both received
    suspended European bans from UEFA on
    Wednesday after crowd disturbances
    delayed the start of last week's Europa
    League game.
    Europe's governing body fined the clubs
    €100,000 each after finding them equally
    responsible for the incidents, which set the
    kick-off back 45 minutes before Lyon won
    2-1. The second leg of the tie is set for
    Thursday in Istanbul.
    If there are any other further incidents
    involving the clubs in the next two years,
    UEFA will also ban them from playing in the
    next European competition for which they
    A UEFA statement said: "Based on the
    official reports and the current available
    evidence at the disposal of the UEFA
    disciplinary bodies, the [Control, Ethics and
    Disciplinary Body] has considered that the
    supporters of both clubs were responsible
    for the crowd disturbances at the match."
    Tension between rival supporters in the
    east-central French city spilled into the Parc
    OL before the scheduled kick-off, with a
    barrage of projectiles from the upper tiers
    forcing fans on to the pitch and casting the
    viability of the fixture into doubt.
    The French club blamed the visiting
    Besiktas fans for the trouble, but both
    teams were charged -- Lyon on the basis
    that fireworks were ignited, stairways
    were blocked, and that there was
    insufficient organisation regarding the
    segregation of supporters, and Besiktas for
    fireworks, throwing objects and crowd
    Lyon were on the receiving end of more
    fan trouble on Sunday, when their Ligue 1
    match was abandoned after Bastia fans
    appeared to enter the pitch to confront
    Lyon players before the game began and
    again at half-time.
    Bastia have subsequently closed one of the
    stands at their Stade Armand Cesari and
    plan to redevelop it in order to prevent a repeat.

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