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Direct Link Appflix v1.7.2 [Premium Mod]

Discussion in 'TV/Movies' started by Abdul44, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Abdul44

    Abdul44 Anonymous Established

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    • Appflix v1.7.2 [Premium Mod]
    • Requirements: 4.1+
    • Overview: AppFlix - Watch All Movies and TV shows free on your Android
    • Watch Movies, TV shows for free. AppFlix is available for Android, Windows, MAC and iPhone. You can watch now playing Movies and TV shows using AppFlix app. Download any Movie, TV show and watch anytime anywhere. No subscription required. Completely free. Download and enjoy free Movies and TV shows
    AppFlix – Features
    Can watch now playing Movies and TV shows (TV series)
    Contain more than one source to watch your Movie or TV show.
    Movies and TV shows are always available due to many number of sources.
    Download any movie or TV show you like and watch them anytime anywhere.
    Watch using your Smart TV. Support Chromecast, Fire TV devices and all.
    No subscription or registration required. Just install and start to watch.
    User friendly interface make it easy to use.
    Watch Full HD videos.
    Support Amazon FireTV, FireStick , FireTV cube, Nvidia Shield, Android TV boxes and all.
    Fast and secure.

    Appflix is a 100% free app to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in your Android device.

    Includes a wide catalogue of titles, from classic movies to the latest premieres. Organized in categories and visually very enjoyable to use. With a favorites section to save your preferred shows and movies.

    Inside each title you will find all kind of information, from a full synopsis, up to every trailer released to the date. Also, other related titles of interest will be shown.

    AppFlix Premium
    What is Appflix Premium ? You can download AppFlix from Google Play Store and using this website too. Appflix downloaded from Google play store does not support video streaming. You can only get information about Movies and TV shows and you can watch trailers. AppFlix premium download from below download link will be able to free stream any movie or TV Show you like. AppFlix Premium download for free. AppFlix is owned by You can download AppFlix that can stream Movies and TV shows for free using website too.

    ★★★ MOD Premium ★★★
    PREMIUM version Unlocked;
    Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
    Ads Removed;
    Sponsored banner layout removed;
    Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
    All ads and services calls from Activity removed;
    All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed;
    Native mobvista + mopub + tapjoy ads banner layout removed;
    No forced Update;
    Analytics disabled.
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  3. runor

    runor Anonymous Established