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8 Pictures That The 2000 Generation Will Never Understand

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bartels, May 5, 2018.

  1. Bartels

    Bartels Journeyman

    The ’90s generation grew up and is hopefully successful and familiar with the new technology now. But living back then, most of them will always remember the struggles of finding your CD in your collections or having it scratched. Some of the new generations will never get this feeling, but it’s good to get familiar with the older trends of the ’90s.
    Here are 13 things that ’90s kids grew up with.
    1. But you still put it in anyway, praying that it works.

    2. The envy you had in store for these people.
    Or you just had great respect for them.

    3. Trying to wind the VHS tape/film back after it unraveled in the player.
    Oh, the struggle…

    4. That instant connection.

    5. Making a call included strategic planning.

    6. Carrying these two was so easy back then.

    7. That Nokia battery.

    8. What having to go out felt like…
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