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36 Things Only Incredibly Low-Maintenance Girls Will Understand

Discussion in 'Arts & Literature' started by schoolhelp, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Established

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    You're not a typical "lazy girl" – you're a whole other level.

    1) You have worn the same bra for more than a week.

    2) And you have definitely worn the same tights three times without washing them.

    3) You may have left them to “air” in between, though. But “airing” is just draping them over a chair in your room.

    4) You’ve changed your pillowcases and bottom sheet but declared your duvet cover fine for at least another week.

    5) You’ve left the house in a T-shirt that you slept in.

    6) You’ve 100% only shaved the parts of your body that were visible to the outside world.

    7) Including shaving only your knees and ankles when planning on wearing ripped jeans.

    8) You’ve also skipped shaving your armpits, but then felt self-conscious in public so spent the whole night with your arms glued to your sides dancing like a mum.

    9) Or you’ve just thought fuck it and stopped.

    10) You've sometimes used dry shampoo until your head got a bit itchy.

    11) You’ve left the house to go to a party with wet hair because you just never got round to blow-drying it.

    12) You regularly incorporate yesterday’s leftover eyeliner smudge into today’s makeup.

    13) And you’ve ruined a few pillowcases by not taking off your makeup before bed.

    14) You’ve regularly stolen your partner’s/housemate’s/mum’s toiletries when your own run out.

    15) And have kept using them for more than a week.

    16) Or maybe just decided you can share permanently.

    17) You sometimes used your bra as your handbag on a night out.

    18) You’ve stopped caring about wearing things with a lil’ stain on them.

    19) There’s just no way you're retiring your fave comfy jumper because of a tiny oil stain.

    20) You have clothes that you’ve only worn once because you have to iron them.

    21) Or even worse, they’re handwash only.

    22) You’ve never really used nail polish remover because you usually end up just picking it all off.

    23) You wash your makeup brushes less than you change your bedding.

    24) You’ve learned to set your alarm at least 10 minutes earlier than you need to get up, because you need time to scroll through your phone and have a small existential crisis every morning.

    25) And you need another 10 minutes for the time you spend sitting on your bed in your towel staring into space.

    26) You’ve been wearing the same jewellery every day for at least a year.

    27) And if you do change it up you just spend all day fiddling with it.

    28) You have about five favourite outfits and when they’re all dirty you find it incredibly hard to decide what to wear.

    29) You’ve felt smug when you’ve got to wear the same outfit two days in a row because you’re seeing different people.

    30) You usually only do laundry if you can no longer fit anything in your laundry basket.

    31) You avoid shopping for things you actually need at all costs.

    32) So you’ve worn shoes with holes in them regularly for at least a couple of months before.

    33) You bought the dress you’ve worn to most weddings the day before the first wedding you were invited to.

    34) You hardly ever wear a bra inside your own home.

    35) And you have totally mastered taking it off underneath your top.

    36) You’ve never tried any “lazy girl” hacks online because all of them look like far too much effort.
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