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190 odds for the brave

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jesse, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Jesse

    Jesse Participant

    *ODDS : 190+*
    *BN : 5HH97GT*

    Primera Division
    Real Sociedad - Real Madrid
    Over(2.5) 1.45

    Premijer Liga
    FK Zeljeznicar - FK Krupa
    1 1.30

    ADO Den Haag - Ajax Amsterdam
    Over(2.5) 1.50

    1st Division
    Ranheim IL - Elverum
    1 1.48

    Primeira Liga
    Rio Ave FC - FC Porto
    2 1.46

    Serie A
    Milan - Udinese
    1 & Over(1.5) 1.60

    Vitesse Arnhem - VVV Venlo
    1X & Ov(1.5) 1.47

    1. Liga
    FK Baumit Jablonec - FC Vysocina Jihlava
    1 1.42

    Legia Warsaw - KS Cracovia
    1 1.38

    Premier League
    Manchester Utd - Everton
    1 1.35

    Divizia Nationala
    FC Zaria Balti - FC Sheriff Tiraspol
    2 1.37

    FS Metta Lu - FK Ventspils
    2 1.42

    Premier League
    Chelsea - Arsenal
    1X & Ov(1.5) 1.46

    Ligue 1
    PSG - Lyon
    (0:1) 1 H 1.33

    Vysshaya League
    FC Slavia Mozyr - FC Shakhter Soligorsk
    2 1.33

    _EASY BET_
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  2. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established

    I pray it works ooh d 26 odd i play yesterday cut
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  3. dogud

    dogud Guru Established

    your own better bro my own ordinary 4 odd to win 700 cut chat the tin pain me
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