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1,957 Postgraduate Students Matriculates From FUTA for 2017/2018 Session

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Olopso, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Olopso

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    Speaking at the matriculation ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Joseph Fuwape congratulated the students and urged them to make positive contributions to the development of the Institution through cutting edge researches.
    He said, “I believe you will use the opportunity of this programme to develop research that will bring solutions to some societal problems”. He said researches that solve real life problems and advance the frontiers of knowledge should be their major focus.
    The Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, (SPGS) Professor Moses Ajewole said FUTA Postgraduate programmes are intended to consolidate and build upon the Solid Intellectual and technological foundations which the undergraduate courses in the University have been designed to achieve.
    He said, the programme philosophies are designed to provide highly skilled professional and researchers in the fields of Engineering, Sciences, Agriculture, Environmental, Management, Earth and Mineral Sciences.
    Professor Ajewole advised the students to adhere strictly to the programme academic calendar, of 4 semesters for PGD, 18 months for Masters and 36 months for full time PhD and 48 months for part time PhD, as there will be no room for unnecessary elongation of programme.
    Earlier during the induction programme, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development), Professor Philip Oguntunde, enjoined them to work hard so that they can finish their programme on time to avoid their studentship been cancelled.
    Also, the Director, Centre for Research Development (CERAD), FUTA, Professor Ganiyu Oboh said the postgraduate students can have access to grants from International Organizations, but they must first develop good research topics, capable of adding to human knowledge and solving societal problems.
    Professor Oboh, who was represented by Professor Ewulo stressed the need for the students to develop good proposals as only good research topic will win the grants
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