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⚡⚡9mobile Free Browsing With http Injector Using Chat pak | Bypass Speed Throttling 101% Working ⚡⚡

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Jams, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Good day LTN fam!
    Disclaimer: [​IMG]

    It took me almost a month to make 9mobile chat pack works with http injector as to make it more enjoyable with pleasurable speed that will catch your mind in terms of downloading file with it.

    Though, this ehi file still at it beta stage because when browsing with it, it stopped when you use a particular usage but don't you worry you can continue to rock it back using my new settings I made using Anonytun which will be disclose to you in this thread. [​IMG]

    To subscribe dial
    *200*3*3# and follow the steps to activate your 9mobile chat plan.

    Features EtiChat Pak Ehi Config
    Secure browsing
    Fast & reliable speed
    Easy Connect
    Unblock forbidden sites
    High quality strêâmïng

    Bypass Chat pack Speed Throttling


    Speed Test
    Loading Screenshot_20171021-041410.png…

    Loading Screenshot_20171022-031328.png…
    Config ehi file open for all, 3 day expiry date!!!

    You must be registered to see links

    1 month ehi config file, open for established members!!!!

    Strictly For Established Members!

    Here is the payload settings I made also on Anonytun to bypass the 9mobile speed frustration incase the http ehi didn't work for you.

    Just copy and paste this into your Anonytun payload when saving it.

    @ LTN-JAMS

    Don't forget to follow me, hit the like button and share your review with us.

    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
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  3. Princechizi

    Princechizi Teams

    Plz who have try this cheat out
    Hacksnet and Jams like this.
  4. Valentine Onah

    Valentine Onah Enthusiast Established

    What is the data cap?
    Hacksnet and Jams like this.
  5. D-Expendable

    D-Expendable Anonymous Established

    Plz, @ Jam, I tink I hv completed d Established requirement .. bt stil no changes yet..
  6. @kings

    @kings Enthusiast

    nice update
    Hacksnet and Jams like this.
  7. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established

    testing mood activated
    Hacksnet and Jams like this.
  8. Suleiman1632

    Suleiman1632 Enthusiast

    Can't see anything
    Jams likes this.
  9. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    It varies on what plan you did made the subscription for. Though currently on the weekly plan and it is capped at 300MB.
    Hacksnet likes this.
  10. Sandx

    Sandx Anonymous Established

    Kudos to the of houz.
    LTN on™
  11. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    my etisalat is having network problem here
    Jams likes this.
  12. alfredoperez

    alfredoperez Teams

    Pls jams, what is the data cap for monthly chatpak
  13. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established

    jams dat monthly config file did nt connect since yesterday
    Jams likes this.
  14. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    Jams likes this.
  15. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    What's your data usage with it before it stop connecting?
    Hacksnet likes this.
  16. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Nice to see you buddy()(-)
    Hacksnet likes this.
  17. bayo136

    bayo136 Teams

    U r not established yet
  18. bayo136

    bayo136 Teams

    What do I have to do. To get established, I believe i have met the requirement
    Jams likes this.
  19. bayo136

    bayo136 Teams

    Besides the last eti cheat I got from here. Only lasted a day
  20. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established

    @Jams i hav not even use it to browse at since i sub it but is conecting with anonytun but http injector is not
    Jams likes this.
  21. Handasonic

    Handasonic Enthusiast

    Please is there no settings for airtel social plan.thank you
    Jams likes this.